Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Post-Dispatch union contract update

An update from the St. Louis Newspaper Guild:

The Guild and the company met on Monday, Sept. 15, to begin early and expedited bargaining. The tone was positive on both sides.

The Guild made several requests for information from the company. Lee has asked for a blackout on specifics during negotiations. The Guild has agreed to this in order to respect the company’s need for confidentiality of certain proprietary information.

Our top priority is job security. The Guild has taken a strong stance and will negotiate hard for the best possible contract. The Negotiating Committee will not bring any agreement to members unless we believe they will strongly support it. The Guild’s goal is to present our members with a contract they have reason to vote for.

Lee wants to cut costs. If Guild members have any suggestions on how to achieve this — or how to generate revenue — please contact the Guild office or any of the members of the Negotiating Committee.

Who will win out here? Lee's efforts to further cut costs? Or the union's efforts to keep jobs?

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