Friday, July 24, 2009

Re-launching Lee Watch

My, how time flies.

After a three month hiatus, it is time to start this blog again. The lapse was unintentional at first; I apologize.

Double identities can be tricky. I am a Lee Enterprises employee, and have been for several years. I started this blog a year ago to keep track of and find out what is happening at Lee newspapers. It is a mission that others have started an abandoned for various reasons. In this case, it can be attributed to a bit of burnout, but also job security.

Well, to hell with that. Let's get started again, shall we?

Thanks to everyone who continued to send tips and e-mails; I'll be posting that information soon.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I'm a former employee of another chain, but love to read about the train wrecks of other newspaper companies. :-)

Anonymous said...

I wondered if the goons got to you, especially after that last post before the blog went dark. Glad to hear it was nothing so sinister. Thanks for being an independent source and clearinghouse for all things Lee. We need it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! I also feared the Davenport goon squad put the squash on you!! You provide a vital resource to those inside and outside of Lee!! Keep up the great work in telling the TRUTH about LEE ENTERPRISES!!

Anonymous said...