Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Post-Dispatch: Saturday edition for subscribers only

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch will no longer sell single-copies of its Saturday paper starting Oct. 2. The paper will be delivered to subscribers.

The memo sent to employees, which also was published in the paper:

We're making a few changes to the Saturday and Sunday Post-Dispatch beginning the weekend of Oct. 2-3.

The biggest is a new section debuting Oct. 3 in the Sunday Post-Dispatch called "Home & Away." It will combine your favorite features from Saturday's Lifestyle and Sunday's Explore sections -- giving you even more to read in what is already the biggest paper of the week.

The content from Lifestyle -- tips and features on parenting, entertaining at home, gardening, fashion, decorating, etc. -- will be available to more readers by shifting to Sunday. That's the "Home" part of the new section. The "Away" part consists of the travel tips, stories and features that now appear in Explore. Lifestyle will no longer be part of the Saturday paper.

The three-star early edition of the Sunday Post-Dispatch that's sold at newsstands and retail outlets on Saturdays will be available at least one hour earlier on Saturday mornings. It will contain the latest news and sports and prep reports from Friday night, as well as the enterprise reporting and features you expect in the Sunday paper.

You'll still be able to get later five-star editions of the Sunday Post-Dispatch every Sunday, through home delivery or at newsstands and retail outlets.

Because the already popular Sunday Post-Dispatch is becoming even heftier and will be available even earlier on Saturday mornings, the Saturday Post-Dispatch will no longer be sold on a single-copy basis in the Metro area. The Saturday Post-Dispatch will still be delivered to readers with home delivery subscriptions -- at a rate lower than single copy. A special weekend subscription offer is currently available. Please call 314-340-8888 to subscribe today.

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