Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Times designers laid off; Times now hiring designers

On Sept. 21, the Times in Munster, Ind., laid off seven people, including at least two designers. (Six more open positions were cut.)

On Sept. 27, the Times began advertising to fill a position on its design desk.


Anonymous said...

This was maybe one of the more ridiculous things in a long time at The Times of Northwest Indiana. And there have been PLENTY. Laying off a designer because there is supposedly no room for him, and then turning around and opening up a design position without giving the departed an opportunity to interview and apply for the new role is a blatant breach of Lee hiring policies. And it's also a wrongful termination suit waiting to happen. But this kind of thing happens frequently in Munster, a paper in the chain whose internal attitudes are that it is high and mighty enough to get away with pretty much whatever it wants while maintaining a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately opinion of its hardest working employees and most loyal staff members.

Is it any coincidence that nearly HALF of the paper's winners at a recent state competition are no longer with the paper? That means half of their best people have left them within the same year they do award-winning work. And trust me – they're not all leaving for more prestigious gigs. They're leaving because it's a bad work environment and grossly mismanaged.

Anonymous said...

And it's continues... amazing horror stories come out of The Times from former workers. Howard knew when to get out, but boy, did he sell to a bunch of cut-throats

Anonymous said...

I had a terrible time with these slime balls. They nearly ruined my life. Even though I have no real job right now, it beats working with this evil empire any day. My former boss who laid me off got laid off last week. Just has been served. I will survive.