Friday, October 24, 2008

Kingsburg paper gets competition

Kingsburg, Calif., a town of 11,000, now has two weekly papers: Lee's Kingsburg Recorder and a new upstart, the Kingsburg Press.

The Press debuted Tuesday with a 20-page tab, printing 4,000 copies. Publisher LeneƩ Willems said residents complained that the Recorder was printing too much news from neighboring towns. Willems said the Press will focus only on news from Kingburg. The paper has three reporters (including at least one former Recorder reporter) and one sales rep. The first issue was free; future editions will be 50 cents.

Willems's husband used to work for Lee's Selma Enterprise; he left that paper last year and the couple started a commercial printing business.

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Anonymous said...

Lee blew it--the Press is the kind of paper our small town used to have and the Recorder editor refused to listen to requests. Now it's too late--just become the Enterprise.