Saturday, January 23, 2010

VP: More Kindle users would save money

Greg Schermer, Lee's vice president of interactive media, said the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has 562 Kindle subscribers without promoting the service.

The Quad-City Times also is available on Kindle. The Post-Dispatch charges $7 a month; the Times is $6.

The two papers send their papers to India each night where they are converted into Kindle's format then sent to subscribers. Schermer said converting more subscribers to the Kindle or similar products would save money in newsprint and production. "That's a big expense for a company like ours," he told The Pantagraph.

Schermer did not say how much Lee spends to send the paper to India each night to convert it to the electronic format.

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Anonymous said...

I live in the quad cities.... I subscribed to the darn kindle for about two weeks - new christmas toy! Simply put, it sucks reading it on this gadget - the kindle was made for books - that's it... books.

Good luck if this is the strategy of the future!