Monday, August 9, 2010

Keeping track of Lee real estate

Thanks to e-mails from current and former employees at The Times of Northwest Indiana in Munster, Ind., I can report that the paper is not leasing part of its building. For several years, even before the paper was bought by Lee Enterprises in 2002, the Times had leased and used a building next door; tipsters tell me it was cleverly called "Building B." The Times has given up the lease on that building, and another company has moved in.

However, Lee papers in other areas are selling real estate.

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier has been trying to sell its building to the city of Waterloo, Iowa, for about a year, a tipster tells me. The deal appeared to be so close to final that employees were told to start packing to move to another building. That deal still has not been completed.

The Winona Daily News building was sold earlier this year and the paper has moved into rented space elsewhere in Winona, Minn., another tipster reports. This deal had been in the works for some time; Winona's presses were moved to another Lee paper in 1999.

Since we're talking about real estate, does anyone know what ever happened to the Lee Lodge? It was listed with various real estate agencies for more than a year. Did it finally sell? Did Lee change its mind? Leave a comment or e-mail

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Anonymous said...

Word on the streets in Montana is that Lee broke up the Lodge property and sold it in chunks. No details beyond that.