Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lee asks for fewer expense reports

Expense reports are getting out of hand.

According to a memo from corporate, the must-use electronic expense reporting service has been swamped with reports -- more than Lee's monthly allotment, at least. Instead of changing the number of expense reports that can be submitted and accepted, employees are asked to only submit fewer reports.

The memo:
As we are now doing all of our out of pockets expenses through Concur, as well as credit card expenses, the number of reports per month has jumped. We do have to pay a fee for all reports submitted over our set monthly number. In order to watch these costs we are checking the dates employees are submitting their reports.

UNLESS an employee travels every week reports should be done about twice a month. If they are behind in submitting DO NOT submit separate reports for each month’s expenses. Please discuss this with your employees.

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