Thursday, January 29, 2009

Junck took home $2.5 million in 2008

Editor & Publisher's Fitz of Fitz & Jen takes a closer look at Lee's freeze on executive salaries.

The blog says CEO Mary Junck's 2008 salary was $850,000, but total compensation in 2008 was $2,543,453. That's 32.9 percent less than her compensation in 2007: $3,791,282.

Simply Hired says the average salary of Lee jobs, which range from an editor to an intern, is $26,000.


Anonymous said...

Not only is Junck not getting her undeserved bonus the Lee peons aren't getting raises. Today we were told that they suspended the 401k matching and their is a wage freeze for the rest of the year.

D. O. Nutts said...

$2.5 mil = 1/6 of the total market cap of the company.