Friday, January 9, 2009

From the inbox: 'Never have I seen such poor management'

From a former Lee employee:

I was a Lee employee from July of 2006 until June of 2008 when I resigned. Never have I seen such poor management. I am so happy to be out of an environment where the good loyal employees are treated like crap, and the bad employees are rewarded. This company needs to find a better way to do business. I know that circulation is declining, but I believe with different business practices that the newspaper industry could survive the current economy.

This seems to be a sentiment I hear a lot. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Right on point. My read (I resigned a bit more than 2 years ago) is that managers confuse good and bad employees.
In my shop, it was that employees who worked to promote good work and uphold good (nevermind best) practices were viewed as pains in the backside.
Heaven help anyone who might point out a problem with any current situation.
Meanwhile, others who kissed the backsides of those in charge (and usually don't do much else) were viewed as model employees.
Blame the debt all you want, but the corporate culture has spawned so many other problems that eroded the profit margins. Far too much to go into here.

Anonymous said...

Your comment "heaven help anyone who might point out a problem with any current situation" is exactly what lead to my resignation.

Anonymous said...

I worked for the chain years ago.
I resigned a nice production position because of the management style or lack of it. I filed a Post Traumatic Stress Claim against them.

Anonymous said...

With all the bad "Climate" as they used to call it, I'm surprised that this blog is not smoking hot with activity.

Silence Dogwood said...
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