Thursday, January 29, 2009

Times of Northwest Indiana lays off 7

The Times of Northwest Indiana in Munster, Ind., laid off seven employees Monday. At least two were from the newsroom.

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Anonymous said...

The two newsroom managers were Managing Editor for New Media Theresa Badovich and Deputy Executive Editor in Porter County Don Asher is moving to part-time.
At this point nobody is safe from layoffs in any department. Loyalty, talent, experience mean nothing. It just comes down to numbers now which is sad. Lots of dedicated, talented people are being let go.
It's a really sad time in our industry. Now, more than ever, our country needs experienced journalists to keep an eye on all levels of government. Citizen journalists are nice but they cannot replace the experience, training and education required that professional journalists have to protect our first amendment rights.
I hope and pray the downward trend affecting all media companies ends soon.