Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lee Enterprises launching new niche publication in St. Louis

Lee Enterprises will launch a food and home entertainment magazine this summer in St. Louis.

Catherine Neville, co-founder of Sauce Magazine in St. Louis, will be the publisher of the new publication. Sauce, an 11-year-old website-turned-magazine, is a free monthly St. Louis food publication. Neville sold her share of that business to her co-founder in February.

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Anonymous said...

Nice - this is after lots of reporters and others were laid off and numbers of papers reduced in late August 2009 at the Journals. Lee can't afford to keep hard-working, low-paid reporters but they can afford to start this new publication, which duplicates what the Post and Sauce already are doing. That's not to mention the bonehead move of making the Journals subscription papers. Lee management doesn't know diddly about successfully operating weekly papers.