Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Furlough update 2

A commenter raises a good question: Will overtime be paid while co-workers are forced to take time off? Has anyone heard?

I would assume that if employees are being furloughed, overtime had already been eliminated, but I know that's not true. MSNBC has a story on furloughs, but it doesn't answer this question. It does say that hourly employees can be furloughed repeatedly, but salaried employees cannot. If this is Lee's solution to fixing the second quarter crunch (second quarter ends March 30), what happens in the third quarter? Or fourth?

A reminder: If you are taking unpaid time off, that means no work. No work e-mails, no phone calls, no work.

More papers have announced furlough plans. Also in St. Louis, Post-Dispatch union employees are voting Saturday on furlough plans; furloughs were already announced for salaried employees. The union is asking for a no-layoff promise, and of course isn't getting it. (We all realize that layoffs are still possible/likely despite furloughs, right?)

The list so far:
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