Saturday, February 7, 2009

No W-2s at Post-Dispatch; got yours? *

None of the employees of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch received W-2s. The tax form is required by law, and must be delivered by Jan. 31 Feb. 2.

Lee sent an e-mail to Post-Dispatch employees saying the W-2s were sent to the post office on Jan. 28, then they ... disappeared. How do you lose 1,000+ tax forms? Sounds fishy. Lee says it is reprinting and re-sending the forms.

Are employees at other papers missing W-2s?

The e-mail sent to Post-Dispatch employees:
From: STL HR Update
Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 2:08 PM
To: STL All Local Users
Subject: W-2's

We have been informed that the W-2’s for St. Louis employees are being re-printed and will be re-mailed.

Lee Enterprises printed and sent the first W-2’s to the post office on Jan. 28. After that they cannot be tracked down. Lee Enterprises is still contacting post offices to attempt to locate them

The W-2’s are posted on under "payroll". You will be able to use that to begin your tax preparation.

Thanks for the tips on this one. Send e-mails and memos to

* A reader pointed out that Jan. 31 fell on a Saturday this year. The deadline was extended to Monday, Feb. 2.

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